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Our mission is to provide quality ergonomic school and office furniture, equipment and accessories for classrooms, libraries, businesses, government institutions and organizations.

Our selection of versatile dry erase boards are available in a wide range of sizes, styles and surface options including children's lapboards, full sized wall boards and specialized graphic boards with horizontal lines, maps or grids fused to the surface for teaching individual subjects. We offer a variety of study carrels designed to reduce distractions in the classroom and library and promote student privacy by creating individual work stations in group settings.

Keyboard arms, monitor mounts and computer workstations can assist disabled individuals perform their tasks more comfortably and improve the functionality of the workplace or classroom, by allowing comfortable repositioning of monitors and desks. Ergonomic keyboards and mice are ideal for individuals who spend long hours on the computer, reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries. Telephone headsets allow individuals the hand freedom required to multi task, and eliminate neck strain. 

Some of the products selected for our store are produced by manufacturer's that are thinking greener. By recycling materials in their products, they reduce waste and supply an environmentally friendly product that delivers the same high standard of quality as other items.

Think globally and act locally is a motto our company takes seriously. Almost all of our manufacturers are located in the United States and we strive to provide jobs locally.

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