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Our COMPUTER FURNITURE selection provides you the best variety of computer workstations, including training tables, computer carts, computer stands (including sit-down stand-up workstations) as well as CPU stands and holders.

Choose a stationary desk, fixed height computer stand or a computer workstation with pneumatic height adjustment for your office or classroom. Many of our computer desks and workstations include grommets or built in cable conduits to enable cable management.

Different models of computer carts and stands provide single, double or multiple shelves to provide storage space and convenient access to additional equipment such as printers and faxes. Several models provide an extensive range of height adjustment allowing them to function as either a stand-up or sit-down workstation. A computer cart or stand provides a compact, mobile computer workstation for even the most space-limited environments.

Computer desks and computer training tables come in a wide variety of sizes designed for both single and dual users, and are versatile enough for use in classrooms, training rooms, offices and homes. The ergonomic split-level design, and adjustable keyboard trays featured in many computer desks and computer tables provide user comfort and reduces the chance of repetitive strain injuries caused from poor arm positioning. Corner computer desks can function as single user workstation, or be purchased in sets of four to form multiple user workstations.




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