Wireless headsets are designed to accommodate a variety of applications. The wireless telephone headsets provides versatile mobility within offices, call centers and customer service departments where the ability to multi-task is essential. Some wireless headsets are designed for corded phones, others for use on cordless telephones or computers. Our bluetooth wireless telephone headset models allow users to switch back and forth between cell phones and landlines with the touch of a button. Our line of wireless headsets offers a wide range of features such as superior audio clarity, digital security, noise canceling microphones to eliminate unwanted background noise, and extended talk time all while allowing you to keep your hands free.



Bluetooth Wireless Headset


Wireless Headset, Corded Telephone Headset


Cordless Telephone Headset


Wireless Headset Telephone Systems - Wireless Office Headset -Telephone Handset Lifter


Computer Headset - VOIP

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