Projector Carts - Tall Computer Stand

Projector Carts - Tall Computer Stand

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Tall mobile stand up computer workstation / height-adjustable computer projector carts with 3 shelves.

Dimensions:  38½"  - 44½"H x 24"W x 31"D

Overall Weight Capacity: 150 lbs.

  • Top Shelf Weight Capacity: 75 lbs.
  • Keyboard / Laptop Shelf Weight Capacity: 25 lbs.
  • Bottom Shelf Weight Capacity: 50 lbs


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Portable PROJECTOR CARTS are designed for long-lasting dependability, height adjustability (between 38-1/2" to 44-1/2"H which is set with screws at time of your assembly), and maneuverability. Tall projector stand contains three multi-purpose shelves, a left or right-mounting CPU holder and CD rack for your convenience. The keyboard or laptop shelf measures 24"W x 14"D while the top shelf (24"W x 18"D) is designed to hold your projector or other material. The bottom shelf of these projector carts is perfect for keeping a printer or keeping your paper stock within reach. This height adjustable tall projector stand is ideal for multiple user environments.

OVERALL DIMENSIONS: Adjustable set height between 38½" to 44½"H x 24"W x 31"D

Overall Weight Capacity: 150 lbs.

  • Top shelf: 75 lbs.
  • Keyboard Shelf: 25 lbs.
  • Bottom Shelf: 50 lbs.


  • Stand up computer workstation
  • AV Projector cart
  • You can set the height of these projector carts between 38-1/2" to 44-1/2"H for stand up or sit down presentations and use by multiple height users.
  • Three shelves
  • Top shelf measures 24"W x 18"D
  • Keyboard/laptop shelf is 24"W x 14"D
  • Bottom shelf 24"W x 14"D
  • Four 3" heavy duty casters for maneuverability (2 locking)
  • CD rack to hold several Cd's on the portable projector carts
  • CPU holder that can mount to left or right side for convenience of left or right handed users  

Color: Black

Warranty: Manufacturer's1-year limited.

Lead Time: projector carts usually ships within 2 - 3 working days

How Shipped? Tall  projector stand ships UPS Ground

Optional Equipment Available: A 4 UL/CSA approved electrical assembly (sku #02-66450) complete with 25 ft. long cord and cord winder



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projector-carts-tall-projector-stand-02-85052 projector-carts-tall-projector-stand-02-85052 projector-carts-tall-projector-stand-02-85052

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