Study Carrels - Folding Privacy Screens -Computer Carrel

Our extensive line of study carrels is designed to create individual work areas in a group setting. Library carrels come in several styles and surfaces, from wood laminate single carrels (wood laminate is available in several different thickness) to multi-user desktop carrels for circular tables. These folding privacy screens feature a tackboard surface covered with either vinyl or fabric backing. Computer carrels come in single or double station designs and feature built in grommets to accommodate computer cables, making it easy to separate multiple user training tables into individual computer lab stations. Our line of floor carrels include several different models ideal for testing environments. For long-term repeated usage, the A carrel and H carrel come in heavy duty wood laminate. Build a row of floor carrels by attaching the Add-A carrel or Add-on H carrel to your original library carrel. Prefer a temporary testing carrel? No problem, we have portable tackboard covered floor carrels in a variety of surfaces (some include a markerboard back panel)and your choice of sizes. These carrels can be folded down for easy transport and storage when no longer needed. One carrel is manufactured with a shelf and offers optional light and optional electrical assembly.
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